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Sara Flitner

Sara Flitner is the owner of Flitner Strategies, Inc., a company specializing in communication strategy, messaging, and pragmatic collaborative problem solving. By focusing on quality communication, conscious leadership, and practical methods for aligning mission and purpose, Flitner brings added value as policy adviser, communication expert, and developer of high functioning teams and businesses. Her approach has proven useful to an array of business sectors, including energy development, conservation and land use, government, education and juvenile justice. Flitner manages a broad array of client interests by focusing or core communication and leadership principles with every project: transparency and mission alignment, authenticity and messaging, attention to substance, pragmatism, and collaboration.

Sara attended the University of Wyoming and received a degree in Organizational Communication. She is also a trained and certified mediator, with expertise in collaborative problem solving, organizational leadership, and authentic communication.

Sara is passionate about her family, work, reading, skiing, mountain biking, yoga and the study of conscious leadership. She lives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, with her family and various pets. She is a very bad fisher.