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What’s your Secret?

As a successful entrepreneur and business strategist, I am often asked how I got here. People looking to find their own niche and build their own version of a relevant dream house want to know: What is the recipe? The truth is, there are limitless combinations, but if I had to summarize it all (at Read more

Crushing on Henry Clay

It’s funny how people can recall a particular class lecture, a name in history, sometimes a mundane seeming data point that resonated with them. I can remember sitting in the second row, 4th chair back, in a cool winter classroom, while my junior high school history teacher – and no, it wasn’t middle school then Read more

Why Talking Nice Works

Most clients outside the leadership development/executive coaching realm call me because they have a problem. They are worried, stressed, unhappy, misunderstood and probably need a good night’s sleep. My first response is always the same, I realized in hindsight: connect. Connect with the human being on the other side of the desk. Empower them with Read more

Pick a Side, Any Side…My Side

“You know, Sara, you’re going to have to pick a side.” This is what I heard a colleague tell me, and I admit it is not the first time I’ve heard it. My college friends laugh at this state of affairs, because they remember a more strident version of me, who would cross the street Read more


I say yes a lot. I think it, too. The word “yes” literally appears in big, bold, red letters in my mind when someone has a good idea (or asks me to go skiing on a powder day). I didn’t give it a lot of thought until I came across a book on the impact Read more